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If you’re looking for trustworthy legal representation in a real estate matter, you’ve come to the right place. Nogales & Associates is well-known in the Lawrenceville area for providing outstanding results to real estate clients. Our experienced real estate attorneys are trusted by countless real estate agents and brokers throughout Gwinnett, Clarke, and Hall County. If you’re a real estate agent in the metro-Atlanta area and want to ensure that your client receives top notch attention, make Nogales & Associates your closing firm of choice. 

Our knowledgeable real estate attorneys can properly explain and review all closing documentation with your client in detail and walk them through the closing process. At Nogales & Associates, our entire team works diligently to ensure all loose ends are tied prior to every closing, so that our closings are finalized on time.

Real Estate law is our specialty, so you can trust us to take care of your real estate transaction with swift expertise. Our real estate clients know that when they work with our dedicated team their real estate transaction will receive the personalized attention it deserves. We do all the heavy lifting, so that our clients can enjoy a stress free closing. At Nogales & Associates, we provide the most attentive legal representation in the Gwinnett County area for our real estate clients and beyond.

Types of Real Estate Law

Our office is skilled in all facets of real estate law. Your network is everything when it comes to successful real estate transactions. Lucky for us, our notable reputation as Lawrenceville’s top real estate lawyers has built strong connections to this community’s top real estate agents. That means that no matter who you’re working with in the real estate world, Nogales & Associates will be a trustworthy partner in all your real estate needs.

Real Estate Closings

Our real estate attorneys specialize in real estate closings.

We can help you buy a new home and sell your old one with a simple and efficient closing process. We do the same for clients hoping to buy or sell business properties. To request a title in our office, just fax a copy of the Title Request and the Sales Contract to (770) 263-9992 or email the request to 

Our pre-closing department will process your order and begin contacting agents and sellers to insure all of the information needed to close is collected in a timely manner. At any point and time in the closing process, you can call and check the status of your request. Just email our pre-closing department or call Yaneliz Castillo at (770) 263-9990 ext. 212.

Loan Modifications

Our bilingual real estate attorneys can also assist you in making loan modifications. Struggling with your mortgage is never a good feeling, and wondering if foreclosure is on the horizon can be a debilitating fear. Loan modification could be a solution for you, if your current loan doesn’t work for your financial situation. 

If you have a loan that you’d like to adjust, our team can help you negotiate with banks. There are a few qualifications you must meet before the process begins. Our team can help you decide if you’ll qualify and walk you through the different types of loan modification. We know that having manageable loans is a key to financial success, so we’re passionate about advocating for our loan modification clients.

Short Sale Transactions & More

A short sale transaction takes place when a homeowner sells their home without the intention of paying their mortgage in full, thus leaving them “short.” Short sale transactions can be good alternatives to foreclosing a home or filing for bankruptcy. If you’re hoping to short sell your home, but worry about the outstanding balance due to the bank, our team can help. This can be a tricky situation, so having a legal consultant on your side is essential through the process. Nogales & Associates will make sure the transaction is executed correctly and works in your benefit.

Working With the Real Estate Lawyers at Nogales & Associates

As soon as you sign on with Nogales & Associates, you’ll find that you have an entire team rooting for your real estate success. We pride ourselves in the personal approach we take to processes that can often be cold and intimidating. 

As a bilingual law firm, our real estate lawyers make sure that nobody gets left behind in a legal matter because of a language barrier. Real estate transactions can be dense with lots of little details, so we promise to walk you through each one and ensure you feel comfortable with every decision. When you succeed, so do we. 

To get started, you’ll set up a free consultation with us so we can get an idea of what you need and go from there. Contact us by filling out our online form or giving us a call at 770-263-9990!

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