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If you’ve encountered a wrongful personal injury, the team at Nogales & Associates can help you get the compensation you need. Over the last decade, the experienced bilingual personal injury lawyers at Nogales & Associates have successfully recovered lost wages, medical expenses, and more for their clients. Language is not a barrier for our clients! We know that injuries can bring on a slew of mental and physical discomfort, stress and inconvenience. It may even affect your ability to work, meaning your income is disrupted. That’s why the goal at Nogales & Associates is to make this process as easy as possible for you. 

Our experienced team of bilingual personal injury attorneys ensures that every client feels heard and like their case matters to us – because it does! There are lots of big personal injury lawyers out there, but not everybody takes care of people like we do. The Nogales difference is that you’ll feel like part of our family when you become our client, and you’ll feel that support every step of the way.

Do You Have a Personal Injury Case?

You may not even realize you have a personal injury case on your hands. If an insurance company approaches you with a settlement, it can be tempting to accept the money and move on. However, you may not be getting exactly what you deserve. Working with the top personal injury lawyers in Lawrenceville at Nogales & Associates can help you get more financial and emotional closure with your case, regardless of how you landed in this situation.

Vehicular Injuries

Vehicle-related injuries are the most common cases that come to our personal injury law firm. We also see pedestrians who were struck by a vehicle, victims of substance-impaired drivers, bicycle accidents, bus collisions, truck collisions and more. Vehicular injuries can also be caused by a defect in your automobile, like a faulty seatbelt or by insufficient road construction. When a situation involving a vehicle occurs that’s out of your control, we can help protect your and get you the settlement you deserve. 

One of the most important parts of a car accident personal injury case is proving fault. We dig deep into the details of what caused this accident, ensuring that responsibility lies with the correct party. While it may sometimes be obvious who is at fault, or “negligent,” in an auto accident, your case may require special attention to detail. That’s where having Lawrenceville’s top personal injury attorneys on your side will help, as the process can be difficult to navigate. To prove negligence, we’ll study police reports, state traffic laws and various car accident laws to help you get your necessary results. 

Auto insurance companies are not easy to deal with through a personal injury case. Having our team in your corner means we’ll do the heavy lifting in your negotiations and throughout the accident investigation. Experiencing an auto accident-related injury is traumatizing enough and these injuries could leave victims unable to work or live their daily lives, possibly ever again. Nogales & Associates can help your family rectify this terrible injury with the legal representation you need.

Learn How Our Personal Injury Lawyers at Nogales & Associates Serve You

Automobile accidents aren’t the only personal injuries we represent, so be sure to reach out to our team for any type of personal injury case. When you’re injured at the hands of someone else, it can be difficult to know your rights. It may even be your instinct to chalk the injury up to accident, forgive the perpetrator and move on.

The reality, however, is that you were wronged, and our bilingual personal injury lawyers can help. Personal injuries, even if they seem harmless, can cause long-term pain and suffering as well as a big financial burden. You may even find that your injury keeps you from working, maintaining relationships or continuing the day-to-day routine you need. Nogales & Associates helps our personal injury clients by giving them back the power to ask for what they deserve. Our bilingual team of attorneys ensures that no person backs down from attaining their legal rights. With our help, you’ll move ahead confidently.

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