Real Estate

Whether you are buying or selling a new home or business, Nogales & Associates provides a quick and trouble-free closing process for both residential and commercial real estate transactions.

We offer very competitive pricing and can also assist with Seller Finances or rent to own transactions.  We also handle short sale transactions and loan modifications.

Loan Modifications

Our office also has a great amount of experience in negotiating with banks on your behalf. Call today to see if we can help in your situation. This service is typically offered ancillary to other areas of law.


Closing in our office:

To request title in our office, just fax a copy of the Title Request and the Sales Contract to (770) 263-9992 or email the request to

Our pre-closing department will process your order and begin contacting agents and sellers to insure all of the information needed to close is collected in a timely manner. At any point and time in the closing process, you can call and check the status of your request. Just call or email our pre-closing department at the below number:

Bridgett Mccoy (770) 263-9990 @ 208