COAM Games Representation

COAM is an acronym for Coin Operated Amusement Machines.

Nogales & Associates, LLC wants to be your Law Firm for all your COAM needs. We can help you:

  • Establish your own COAM Account with the Georgia Lottery Corporation (GLC)
  • Acquire machines
  • Setup your (GLC) bank account
  • Renew any existing COAM accounts
  • Represent you if you fall out of compliance with the GLC
  • Represent you if you receive GLC citations for any violations

The coin operated amusement industry has evolved over the last 35 years in Georgia with many changes to legislation during that time. The laws that allow for redemption machines have been on the books for over 20 years and while the laws have been further refined, they clearly allow for a machine to award a successful player with a prize.

A COAM game is defined as a Class B machine. Georgia Code Section 50-27-70 (4) further defines a Class B machine as “… a bona fide coin operated amusement machine that allows a successful player to accrue points on the machine and carry over points won on one play to a subsequent play or plays in accordance with paragraph (2) of subsection (d) of Code Section 16-12-35 and: (A) Rewards a successful player in compliance with the provisions of paragraphs (1) and (2) of subsection (d) of Code Section 16-12-35; and (B) Does not reward a successful player with any item prohibited as a reward in subsection (i) of Code Section 16-12-35 or any reward redeemable as an item prohibited as a reward in subsection (i) of Code Section 16-12- 35. Georgia Code Section.”

On April 10th 2013, Governor Nathan Deal signed HB 487 making COAM games legal in the state of Georgia and charged the GLC to begin regulating the COAM industry requiring that all Class B machines be connected to a centralized accounting system for the purpose of tracking COAM activities.

In order to legally operate a COAM game in the state of Georgia, strict compliance must be met with the GLC. This means that in order to legally operate a COAM game, you must begin by entering into a valid contract between the site location and a Master License holder. Next, you must apply for, and receive, a site location license from the GLC. Finally, you must establish a COAM GLC account protocol per the GLC guidelines.

COAM games have a history of being profitable and are located and operated all over Georgia. COAM games now represent over 7% of the GLC’s total revenue and that number is projected to grow for many years to come. COAM games are found in restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations and any other business that offers good foot traffic.